OMNI wellness retreat

Founded by celebrity trainer Aimee Victoria Long alongside pilates instructor and nutritionist Lucy Raetz-O’Connell and strength & conditioning coach Josh Davies, OMNI Wellness Group was created to make holistic health and wellbeing a reality.

Embodying the meaning of ‘all’, OMNI brings together every key pillar of wellness, creating a one-stop space for daily movement, fuelling the body with the right nutrition, and allowing to recharge.

In 2023, OMNI will be hosting a series of overnight wellness retreats at The Lakes by YOO. Enjoy a three-night stay in the peaceful and calming setting of Manor House with nutritional meals throughout, a range of fitness and cooking classes and an itinerary of exciting outdoor activities. Reconnect with your health, wellness and nature.

retreat includes

- 3 nights at The Manor House or a private Lakeside Cabin

- 3 meals a day, snacks and drinks

- 2 fitness classes a day

- A cooking class with a chef (with fresh produce from the local area)

- A range of onsite activities including wild swimming, sailing, zip wire, paddle boarding, rock climbing, trapeze and bike ride around the grounds*

*swimming and watersports dependent on seasonality