Wellness Retreat

Breathwork and Cold Water Retreats at The Lakes

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Halen to offer transformative Breathwork and Cold Water Retreats. Our retreats offer a truly invigorating and uplifting experience, where you’ll learn about the healing powers of breathwork and cold water therapy, embarking on a powerful journey of self-discovery led by Halen’s inspiring ex-military team.  


Surrounded by glistening lakes, wildflower meadows and 850 acres of Cotswolds woodland, The Lakes by YOO provides the ideal serene backdrop to escape from the demands of everyday life and connect with the elements.  Crisp, clean air and the soothing sounds of nature create an ambience that instantly calms the mind, and prepares you for the transformative experiences that lie ahead. 


The morning will begin with an immersion into the science behind breathwork, learning about its extensive health benefits including reduced anxiety, detoxification, mood boosting, sleep improvement and pain management. A group breathwork workshop will follow where you’ll be encouraged to use your learnings and lean in to the power of breath.  

Retreat & restore

After a lunch of nutritious sharing-style salads, fresh juices and homemade bread, you’ll join Halen’s expert team to learn about the benefits of cold water therapy, before a plunge in one of estate’s lakes. Turbo charging dopamine levels (the happy hormone) and serotonin (the chemical that plays a key role in mood, sleep, digestion, wound healing and bone health), cold water immersion not only revitalises the body but also strengthens mental resilience, fostering a sense of inner strength and clarity. 

Awaken your senses

Throughout the day, the breathwork and cold water immersion will be complemented by yoga and meditation sessions, to help cultivate mindfulness and deepen connection with the present moment. 

Renew & rejuvenate

Accommodation is provided in The Lakes by YOO’s luxuriously appointed apartments or cabins, offering a peaceful sanctuary in the heart of the Cotswolds countryside. Cosy fireplaces, sumptuous king beds and freestanding bathtubs make this the perfect place to wind down after the day, whilst the floor-to-ceiling windows and wrap around terraces provide breath-taking views of the natural surroundings. 

If you’d like to book or find out more about booking a wellness retreat at The Lakes, please contact our team.