Lakes in GQ

A recent article published in GQ gives an interesting view on the Lakes.  The ‘Dad’ angle is an interesting read and one most of our ‘dad’ owners would testify too! Give it a read and let us know what

Woodland Wilderness

At the lakes water and woodland are our essentials.  We have lavish amounts of both, in this clip we take a look into the woodlands.  Nestling in the cotswold countryside stepping foot inside the Lakes by Yoo is like

Waterways of the Lakes

Water is all around you as soon as you step foot into the Lakes by yoo.  The coln river marks the border of the 650 acre estate and our stunning lakes are the centre piece for your property.

An insiders guide to the Lakes

Julie Harris, sales consultant at the Lakes knows the place like the back of her hand. Growing up in the nearby beautiful Cotswold town of Cirencester she began with the Lakes by Yoo at its beginnings and has

Meet Kishor

In this blog feature we introduce a man that pretty much anyone who has entered the lakes will have met. Kishor Rai might well be the smiliest, most well mannered employee at the Lakes by Yoo but he also

Staying busy at the Lakes

Need some inspiration for your next visit to our neck of the woods?  We’ve put together some information with Mr & Mrs Smith to give you some ideas on staying busy and making the most of your time in


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